Texas Parks and Wildlife

Marine Safety Enforcement Officer Training



The course will allow you to stop and resume. In order to resume where you left off, you MUST exit properly.

Make sure you click on the EXIT link in the upper right-hand portion of your screen.

What browser do I need for using the Online Marine Safety Enforcement Online course?

Microsoft Edge

How long will it take me to complete the Online MSEO course?

8 hours

Im having a technical problem, who do I contact?


I need to reset my exam, who do I contact?

Send a request to reset your exam at the following form: Support Form

I have general question about the MSEO process, who do I contact?

Boating Enforcement direct line (512) 389-4846 ext. 3

I tried to register and the system could not my boater certification. What should I do next?

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Boater Certification search did not find any results. If you feel this is in error, please contact TPWD at AdminORS@tpwd.texas.gov or by calling 512-389-4999.

You can also try and search for your certification at the following link:

What do I do to find a Boater Education Course?

To receive your Marine Safety Enforcement Officer Training course you must have completed a Boater Education Course. Click on the following link to find a Boater Education Course in your area:



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